Eccentric Minimalism – Victoria Beckham Leaps Into Posh Redefined for the Next Decade – VICTORIA BECKHAM SS19 RUNWAY COLLECTION – London Fashion Week




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Eccentric Minimalism: Victoria Beckham Leaps Into Posh Redefined for the Next Decade – VICTORIA BECKHAM SS19 RUNWAY COLLECTION




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 15th, 2018
Press Inquiries:





London, UK – September 15th, 2018: The Victoria Beckham SS19 collection was revealed today in London during London Fashion Week celebrating a decade of success with a pristine runway event. While the FashionWeek.Pro team was not present at this runway show, our team did watch the catwalk looks via Instagram Stories Live. FashionWeek.Pro has a team reporting live from LFW all week, make sure to check out all our feature editorials on the shows we attended.



Minimalistic Perfection

By: Lourdes Mestre

Victoria Beckham has the effortless ability to capture the epitome of minimalism redefined. Ms. Beckham is certainly one of my most adored designers for her sophisticated creations that continue to evolve and improve season-over-season.  With this new Spring 2019 collection, Ms. Beckham has reinvented her sleek lines + crisp colours adding unique construction elements such as tailored trousers and asymmetrical details throughout silhouettes. Layered looks, lace details or crochet + vivid reds all took center stage against the pristine white-and-black backdrop her venue provided. A few of the models even smirked a wry smile down the catwalk they so gracefully commandeered. This collection is one of my favourites this season; it’s a line that can take you from day to night in a most elegant way. What I most appreciate about Victoria Beckham’s SS19 collection is the fact that she keeps every season tight – and never over assorted. Ms. Beckham properly edits her collections down to the most powerful looks for the highest sales yield from stockists all over the globe.

Bravo, Ms. Beckham! 5-Star collection once again!




Perfection Minimaliste

Par: Lourdes Mestre

Victoria Beckham a la capacité sans effort de capturer la quintessence du minimalisme redéfini. Mme Beckham est certainement l’une de mes designers plus adorées pour ses créations sophistiquées qui continuent d’évoluer et d’améliorer touts les saisons. Avec cette nouvelle collection Printemps 2019, Mme Beckham a réinventé ses lignes épurées et ses couleurs vives en ajoutant des éléments de construction uniques commes les pantalons sur mesure et des détails asymétriques à travers les silhouettes. Les looks superposés, les détails en dentelle ou les rouges croquants et vifs ont tous occupé le devant de la scène dans un décor blanc et noir immaculé. Quelques-uns des modèles souriaient même sur la passerelle qu’ils réquisitionnaient si gracieusement. Cette collection est l’une de mes préférées cette saison; c’est une ligne qui peut vous emmener de jour en nuit en manière plus élégante. Ce que j’apprécie le plus à propos de la collection SS19 de Victoria Beckham, c’est le fait qu’elle respecte toutes les saisons et qu’elle n’est jamais plus trop variée. Mme Beckham a correctement édité ses collections dans les moindres détails pour obtenir le meilleur rendement des vendeurs du monde entier.

Bravo, Mme Beckham! Collection 5 étoiles encore!










Our London pro photographer, Kurt Rebry, did manage to catch Brooklyn Beckham attending the front row of the Pam Hogg SS19 runway show on Day 1 of London Fashion Week at the Freemasons’ Hall during the Fashion Scout presentations.




Brooklyn Beckham caught by @FashionWeek.Pro’s London pro photographer Kurt Rebry, on Day 1of #LFW.  📸 Photo Credit: Kurt Rebry for FashionWeek.Pro – Exclusive Live Coverage







It has been a decade since Victoria Beckham set herself up as a designer, putting her life as Posh Spice firmly behind her. There’s only one connection she’s prepared to draw between her business now and the Spice Girls then: “What we did was celebrate being different. We showed it was okay to be who you are,” Beckham said. “And that’s what this is about—empowering women through fashion. All women are different, and there’s something for everybody.”


It’s funny to think that VB is an icon in the memories of millennial and Gen Zers in their 20s, and, simultaneously, a wardrobe-inspirer to women of her own 40s-and-above generation. With her anniversary show, held in a gallery right next door to her Dover Street store, she recognized that: focusing all the hoopla around her anniversary on asserting the age-inclusivity of her brand. It was a smart, bracing surprise to see her opening her show with another British icon who started her own lasting career around the Spice Girl era, that avatar of ’90s cool and elegance Stella Tennant.


She was in a white trouser suit with wide pants, a lace-trimmed satin camisole, and silver metallic low-heeled boots. That got things very much off on the right foot. Tasha Tilberg and Aymeline Valade also walked, alongside the likes of Rianne Van Rompaey and Edie Campbell—supermodels of the new generation.


Mention of casting has to be made in passing, as the extreme youth of the models she’s used in her New York shows has often provoked criticism. But never mind that now! With this new, relatable atmosphere in the room and no distancing catwalk, there was nothing getting in the way of a clear view of a precise, compelling array of how-to-get-dressed looks.


If there was a theme, it was layering—the ’90s notion of wearing dresses over trousers—but poshed and polished up in a way that only the faintest ghost of Courtney Love’s slip dresses could be recognized by women old enough to have witnessed grunge. Not to be misunderstood: Everything about Victoria Beckham’s work is hyper-clean—the zinging colors, the crisp edges of striped shirts, the controlled assurance of every component. That way of focussing attention is its strongest attraction, in fact.


By Look 2, the eye was trained on an orange dress which, at first glance, seemed to have a pair of tan leggings beneath. Wrong: These were actually super-slim crepe trousers with a V-shape split in the front hem, neatly showcasing the top of another pair of low slipper boots, this time in white. This turned out to be the key component of the collection—a product shown 11 times in different colors (burgundy, black, white, cornflower blue, red) under tailored suit jackets and tunics, handkerchief-point knit dresses, and a lovely lace shirt. Something VB truly believes in, then? For sure! When she came out at the end, she was wearing a pair under her tan blazer—thus sending a global message about this versatile piece for day, night, and pretty much any time between.


Whatever Beckham wears, women race to buy. She knows that. is now fully geared up to take the onslaught from her fanbase in all generations. Starting today, T-shirts of the Juergen Teller print of VB in a shopping bag are available online, as well as (genius marketing stroke, this), the spike-heeled white pumps she’s wearing. Meanwhile, now that the show is over, VB is, she laughed, “playing shopgirl,” and personally selling to customers, signing T-shirts, and lunching with major spending fans who have flown in from “America, Australia, Asia, [and] Mexico.” Her talent is being able to create the feeling of a relationship with her customers. The feedback on models came from them, she says, during another lunch at Scott’s she threw last year. The more women are able to project themselves onto the person wearing the clothes, the more likely they are to leap at buying. Seems basic, but it felt like a liberating breakthrough for Beckham as she faces the next 10 years of growing her brand. “I’ve got my foot on the gas,” she promised.









FashionWeek.Pro Team Watched the Victoria Beckham SS19 Runway via Instagram Live – 


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