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LUAR NYFW Collection + CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund’s Americans In Paris Presentation During Paris Fashion Week // Fall Winter 2019 Runway –  New York Fashion Week 




LUAR Collection Review By: Emily Michaels / @high_priestess_of_fashion
Jr. NYC Fashion Editor-At-Large, FashionWeek.Pro


CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund’s Americans In Paris Showroom Photos/Videos: FashionWeek.Pro x Parsons Paris PFW Runway Reporters –

Mingrui He – @mingruiho
Caroline Hoover
Christina Zbryko
Zofia Zbikowska
Lily Li


CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund’s Americans in Paris




If you’re at all associated or interested in American fashion you are probably familiar with the CFDA and the Vogue Fashion Fund. If you aren’t, the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund was established in 2003 to help emerging American design talent find continued success in the business of fashion and can be easily described as the realistic business version of Bravo’s Project Runway. Started in 2003, the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund has helped emerging fashion design talent grow and thrive by granting the winner not only a sizable cash prize ($400k) – but more importantly, guidance from some of the industry’s leading professionals. Since its inception, the fund has granted $6.6 million dollars to 45 companies including now well-known designers such as Alexander Wang, Thom Browne, 3.1 Phillip Lim and many more. 


CFDA + Vogue's Americans in Paris Event | Exclusive: FashionWeek.Pro x Parsons Paris Team


Being the 15th year of the CVFF, that meant double the talent from the previous year, and the list of finalists excited both industry professionals and fashion fans alike. One of the many cool aspects of being a finalist in the annual Fund’s competition is the ‘Americans in Paris’ showroom presentation. According to a press statement, the Americans in Paris event “provides invaluable global exposure for designers as well as sales, marketing and media support necessary to expand their respective businesses.” 


CFDA + Vogue's Americans in Paris Event | Exclusive: FashionWeek.Pro x Parsons Paris Team


“Paris is an important stop on the global fashion week circuit, and with Americans in Paris, we are helping the designers meet the buyers and editors whom they might not have otherwise met,” explained Steven Kolb, President & Chief Executive Officer of the CFDA.


The PFW FashionWeek.Pro team was able to preview all finalists – including the  LUAR SS20 collection – first-hand.


Read below for more information on some of fashion’s newest talent powerhouses.



LUAR Collection Review by Emily Michaels – FashionWeek.Pro



Are you a girl who has a poster of Cam’ron in his pink faux fur look from 2002 on her wall? Is Missy Elliot your most listed to artist on Spotify? Are you obsessed with Dapper Dan? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are probably already a fan of LUAR. The designer behind the brand, Raul, and yes LUAR is his name spelled backward, is a color-blind historian of hip hop ghetto girl fashion who lives by the adage the shinier the hoops the hotter the chic. With a color palette that contrasts so nicely with the wild, new and exciting drapes and silhouettes he brings to life on the runway, the brand is wearable bougie at its finest. While many designers just create clothes, Raul creates a story for his girl. She’s at the office, she’s meeting her man, she’s getting her nails done, etcetera.

He’s an expert in styling her and pimping her out with insane bejeweled sunglasses, embroidered flippy highlighted bangs and covetable fur & leather handbags. In terms of the garments themselves, what really makes LUAR stand out is the way designer Raul uses fabrics. Instead of letting the fabric tell him what to do or what to make, he forces the fabrics to submit to his wishes, a choice that would work for very few designers. From his so-heavyweight-they-stand-up-on-their-own denim pant and jacket set to his insane fur coats complete with fur monogram, to his articulately draped neutral pinstriped suiting pieces, he has brought jenny from the block to the board room and beyond. 


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Luar F/W 19 Show

Published: 02/13/2019


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Americans in Paris / CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Showroom Exhibit



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LUAR FW19 // Fall Winter 2019 Collection –  New York Fashion Week

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